When will I receive my images?

I aim to deliver your fully edited, high resolution digital images, within 7 days.

Do I receive prints or digitals?

Digital images only. I have chosen to supply only digitals, as I feel this is the best value for money for my clients. They can be downloaded however many times desired and can be shared with family and friends, which would not be permitted with prints, as that would infringe copyright laws and clients would need to keep ordering prints from me!

Is a deposit required?

Yes! There is a £50 deposit required to secure your booking. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the chosen package upon final payment.

Is the deposit refundable?

No, the deposit is non refundable. If the client is unable to attend the booking date, I require 48hrs notice upon which we can reschedule the booking to a more convenient date, at no extra cost. However I will use my discretion in certain cases.

Will I have to attend a viewing to choose the images?

No, no viewing is necessary. I will email your online gallery, where you choose your images and download the amount allocated to your package. Extra images can be purchased for £10 per image.

What's the maximum age for a Newborn shoot?

Generally from 4 to 14 days old is the best age, after that the baby will be more awake and will not appreciate being posed. However, I do offer shoots upto 4 weeks. A baby aged 2-4 weeks will most certainly dictate the shoot, especially if breastfed, it will definitely take longer, so be prepared.

Why does a Newborn shoot take so long?

I reserve a 3hr max slot for a newborn shoot, because babies will dictate if they want to oblige or not. If a baby is bottle fed, I will have more time before the next feed. However breastfed babies, tend to want to be fed more frequently, therefore will undoubtedly take longer.

Do you do all poses for Newborn shoots?

I don't do Frog Pose, as I believe no baby enjoys being put into this position. I also don't do Bucket Pose, for the same reason.

What is the best time to book a Maternity Shoot

The best time to book in for a Maternity shoot would be between 28-36 weeks .....the sweet spot being 30-33 weeks. However for for twins I would suggest between 24-32 weeks.

How far in advance should I book a Maternity Shoot?

I recommend, as soon as you enter the 2nd trimester, would be the best time to secure a booking.

Cake for Cake Smash

I supply the cake at no extra cost, which I source from a leading Supermarket. however if the child has any food allergies, it will be necessary to bring your own. I suggest avoiding chocolate.


Parking is relatively easy, there is a car park less than a 5 minute walk £3 for up to 3 hours. However there is plenty of free parking at weekends, the car park opposite the studio will also be open to the public at no cost during Sat and Sun.